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<dd>Standing in the middle of everyting. She had no choice; picking up a 2' x 4', she smashed whoever was close. The person fell into subconciousness, she no longer worried about it. She dodged the metal pipe coming her way. She swung the piece of wood and struck some guy in the groin. Smirking, she ran along and hit anyone who went her way. </dd>
<dd>Everyone heard sirens, and dropped everything they were holding. Then scurried into the shadows and dark alleys, like the rats they were. The girl felt arms wrap around her, she struggled trying to get free, but they wouldn't let go of her.  She admitted to herself that she was scare, hearing her mothers' warning in her head. They finally stopped running; she felt the ground beneath her feet.</dd>
<dd>"Go home, this is no place for a girl like you." The voice said, she grew angry, but he was letting her go. She couldn't argue, but still she wanted to see his face. She heeded his warning and left. </dd>

<dd>"What do you think that was about?" asked Shinobu Ishikawa, chewing on a candy bar. The girl hugged the other, clutching her arm. "Did you get hurt, Nani-sempai?"</dd>
<dd>"No, no." Nani said, shoving Shinobu off. "I'm fine." </dd>
<dd>"Did you get involved?" Shinobu asked, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. Nani embarrased she was found out.</dd>
<dd>"Maybe. Someone called the cops, and everyone bailed out." Nani said, explaining to Shinobu. "But, someone grabbed me," Shinobu's eyes widened, accidently dropping the candy in her mouth. "They took me away and told me to go home. " Shinobu sighed in relief, still clutching to the upperclassmens' arm. She smiled.</dd>
<dd>"Well, at least you're safe." She said. </dd>
<dd>"Yeah, me too." Both girls heard the bell ring. "I gotta get to class," Nani said, waving to Shinobu. "Later, Shino-chan." Shinobu waved leaving to her class. </dd>

<dd>"Higurashi!" The instructor yelled, banging his ruler on the board behind him. The girls' head shot up from her desk. Her white hair covering her face; going in all directions. Some students snickered, others rolled their eyes, and the rest just waited to see what would happen next. "This is the thrid time this week! Stand outside and wait for me." The white-haired girl did as she was told. The boy with the silver-eyes, watched her, then looked back down at his papers. The instructor walked out the door a few moments later. </dd>
<dd>Nani stood, her arms crossed, glaring at the man. He didn't know why. "Hai, Sensei?" He shook off the vibe coming from her. He swallowed the lump in his throat.</dd>
<dd>"Why do you keep sleeping in my class?" She leaned off the wall, standing up straight. He was afraid she was going to pull out something dangerous, but he just stood there.</dd>
<dd>"I don't know." She answered him, he sighed, and opened the door for her. She took her seat, and wrote down whatever notes he was lecturing. </dd>
<dd>The silver-eyed boy sat next to her at lunch. Eating silently, Nani wondered if he talked at all. There were other people she didn't know at her table, so she decided to eat quietly, too. She was suddenly glomped by Shinobu. </dd>
<dd>"Sempai!" Shinobu shrieked, hugging the older girl. Nani accidently fell over on the silver-eyed boy. Nani sat up with Shinobu still in her lap. </dd>
<dd>"Gomen nasai." He smiled at her as if saying: 'It's alright.' She smiled back, then looked at Shinobu. The dark-haired girl finally let go. She chewed on her choclate bar contently. That is, till Nani took it away and ate it. </dd>
<dd>"Sempai! That's my chocolate!" The younger girl whined, Nani giggled, looking away.</dd>

<dd>Angrily, Nani grabbed her jacket and exited her house. She inhaled a deep breath, then slowly exhaled. She had to meet Shinobu there, and right now, Nani didn't want Shinobu to be in danger. She climbed up a tree, and sat on a sturdy branch. Replaying everything that happened in her mind, she calmed down. She knew it wasn't worth being angry at her foster mom. She was worried about her, but she wanted to fight. To get out, and be free. Nani couldn't help but fight. It was in her blood. She heard Shinobucall out her name.</dd>
<dd>"Nani-sempai? Sempai?" The younger girl called out her name. Nani climbed down the tree, accidently scrapping her knee. She winched, though it didn't really hurt much. Shinobu smiled, glomping the older girl. "Sempai!" </dd>
<dd>"Hey, Shino-chan." Nani greeting, looking at Shinobu a little closer. She was wearing a short blue skirt with a black v-neck t-shirt, and black converse. Shinobu blushed, as she felt the oler girl look at her. Nani smirked. "A little too young to go a club, ne?" She asked, joking. Shinobu smiled. "So what did you want to talk about?"
<dd>"Sempai, I wanted to tell yo-"</dd>
<dd>"There she is!" A tall man yelled, leading a group of men toward the two girls. Nani narrowed her eyes, pushing Shinobu behind her. As if trying to protect the younger girl. </dd>
<dd>"Who are you?!" Nani asked yelling. The guy towarded the white-haired girl. The group of men formed a circle around the two girls. The guy smirked, he had blue hair, dyed of course. Black jacket, and black pants. The sun reflecting off his sunglasses. A chubby guy grabbed Shinobu's arm, making her shriek. Nani clenched her teeth, she swung her leg and struck the chubby, bald guy. His glasses flew off, and he stumbled backwards. Nani grabbed Shinobu's arm, and pulled her closer.</dd>
<dd>"Get out of here, now!" She whispered, Shinobu nodded, and waited for her chance. Nani, still keeping guard of the girl, scanned around. Trying to look for something that could distract them. </dd>
<dd>A crushed can laid on the ground, next to another mans' foot. She felt something heavy in her pants pocket. Realizing that it was the coin purse she was going to cash in. But, right now, Shinobu was more important. She snaked her hand in her pocket, and clutched the small bag in her hand. Apparently, the men didn't notice her movement. She was eyeing them down, glaring. </dd>
<dd>Two jumped at them, Nani quickly threw a large coin at the can, making a loud noise that made them stop. She threw more coins at the men, it bounced off of them leaving marks. She grabbed Shinobu's hand, and both tackled the two men down. </dd>
<dd>"Run!" Nani shouted, holding one down. Shinobu did. It didn't take long for the young girl to whip out her cell phone and dial the police.</DD>

<dd>"Well, that one managed to get away." The blue-haired guy said. Nani struggled, two men holding her arms. "At least we have this one."</dd>
<dd>"Hey, she looks familiar." One said.</dd>
<dd>"Yeah, she does!" Another one shouted. Nani kept her guard up, clenching her fists. The tall blue-haired guy stood in front of her. Taking a better look at the girl. She had white hair, so white it almost looked ebony. She also had bright yellow eyes, dangerous. He'd only seen a glimpse of those eyes yesterday. He wanted to see the person who held those eyes, he had suspicions to who it was.</dd>
<dd>And his theory was proved right, by the person in front of him. </dd>
<dd>"What do you want?" she growled, slightly raising her fists. </dd>
<dd>"We're the Hanyous, and unfortunatley, we 'lost' some of our members." The blue-haired guy lied, Nani could tell. She knew he wanted something. She just didn't know what. </dd>
<dd>"Why should I care?" She asked. The man snapped his fingers, and the men holding her, let go. She stood there, and looked around. The blue-haired guy smirked, patting her head.</dd>
<dd>"We're looking for some new recruits. And we know you were at the fight yesterday."</dd>
<dd>"So, what if I was?"</dd>
<dd>"We need a girl like you. How 'bout it?" He asked her. "Join the gang, make some new friends." he told her. Nani started walking away.</dd>
<dd>"Not intrested." The blue-haired guy stopped her, grabbing her arm. She swung her arm to strike him, but he blocked it easily. He pulled her in closer to him.</dd>
<dd>"New moves." He whispered into her ear. She pulled away, kicking his side. He winched, clenching his teeth. Nani jerked her arm away from his grasp.</dd>
<dd>"I said not intrested." She told him, she glared at the rest. He called out to her. She turned around, glaring daggers.</dd>
<dd>"Just think about it." He told her, and he pointed to another direction. The guys scrambled away, and he smiled at her. Nani walked away, and was met with the police and Sakiko. </dd>

<dd>The silver-eyed boy glared at the blue-haired boy. Though it wasn't seen. He had his fists clenched in his jackets' pocket. He wanted to help the white-haired girl. But, with everyone around, he couldn't. He'd have to talk to her at school, but how was he going to bring up the subject, if he never talked to her before? He heard the sirens, and signaled the blue-haired guy. Everyone left in different directions, then met up again at the corner of his steet. The silver-eyed boy stood next to the blue-haired boy. He signaled the houses.</dd>
<dd>"Hey, I'm going home." The blue-haired boy nodded.</dd>
<dd>"Fine." And with that the silver-eyed boy left home. Where his parents would be waiting, or should have. Again, they weren't there. Hell, he didn't know if they were there at all. He would always lock himself in his room, not talk to them. They never even tried talking to him. His mother would always come home late, and his dad would get driven home, wasted off his ass. He could almost understand where the white-haired girl was coming from. He had to make his point across that she couldn't join. But, how was he going to do that?</dd>
I've been working on this during this week.
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