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Matthew "Matsumeda" Sierra</b>- is a regular shape shifting demon. He was adopted by Akane and Derek Sierra. He doesn't know who his parents are. Like his family, he's a live-in servant for the king and his family. His job was assigned to be Nani's caretaker. He's only a few months older than her. He acts like he hates her, but is secretly in love. When they were both children, he told her that he loved her. He's sensitive, and a bit of a loner, at times.

Hair: long black hair that covers his eyes
Eyes: silver
Profession: Nani's caretaker/ her servant
Species: Shapeshifter
Identifying Marks: tattoo on his neck
of a unkown symbol
Height: 5'9½"
Charaters are mine, based on the seires by Larissa Ione
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August 5, 2009
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