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Chapter 6

I saw that it was daytime; quickly ducking my head back down to the overgrowth of the trees' roots. The roots shot up from the ground and made a dark, damp den, one I took shelter during the blazing midday sun. I shook my head, the water escaping from my fur. He would be awake, and I wouldn't be able to communicate. The Council would be asleep, so I had to get farther away. I poked my head out of the tree. The Forest of Tears was light, but it was dim enough for her to pass through in her wolf form. The Council, or anyone for that matter, never set foot in this forest, which was a great advantage. Swiftly, I ran through the trees, and past a few human markings, so I knew that I was as far away as the Council would ever look. I had to be careful here, too. After all the years of living with humans, I couldn't understand them. I was tired, and hungry; I swallowed my dignity and walked up to a man and his child. The little girl went out to pet me, but the man held her back.
"Annalise," The man scowled, "it might bite you." He reminded me of my father. My ears drooped, and let out a small whimper.
"Daddy! You made doggy cry!" It was now Annalise's turn to scold him. She wrapped her arms around my mane. I let her, so much I needed human contact. I licked her cheek, making her giggle. The father was still tense, so all my remaining dignity was shattered when I lied down and rolled over, in my submissive pose. Annalise rubbed my stomach, giggling. I looked at the father; he laughed. Bingo.

I was running, people behind me with torches and sharp, pointy objects. People I knew. People from the village. I ran to the trees, my hands soaked in crimson, warm blood. I tasted the blood, it was now running down my throat. I stepped on something, the looked down and yelled out horrified. Nanali's head was looking up at me, her eyes were misty and blank, like the dead. The scream escaped my throat, as I fell and stumbled a few feet away. I heard faint giggling, and I suddenly saw the white-haired girl holding an ax. A blood-stained one. My already pale skin, paled even more. She stepped towards me, and held out a bloody hand.
I woke up screaming. I was covered in cold sweat and felt myself tremble. I buried my hands in my face. I sighed in relief, rubbing my face. It was a dream. Just a dream.

The warm, delicious life source flooded my throat. I licked the rest off Annalise. She was trembling as I held her by the throat. A few seconds later, she grew limp, and knew that she traveled to the Other Side.
I then heard a gunshot, and a piece of the floor chipped where the bullet ricocheted off the floor. I turned my head to the man, his features twisted to an ugly combination I knew so well. Hate, fear, anger, sorrow. The man raised the rifle at me, the thing shaking in his hands. My eyes scanned through the room, he knew I was planning something, when he yelled. "You better not move, beast!" He thought he could threaten me, but his hands were shaking and the stench of death drove him sick. He couldn't do it; we both knew that. I barked at him, and ran away.
The man shot and missed. I darted through the bushes until I ran into the woods, again.
Everything is going downhill for Matthew Sierra, his family deserting him, his best friend dying. The worst part of it is, he realised he loved her. Loved her more than anything...

She always goes to him. She needs his help, but the Council won't allow her communicate with him. She needs him, more than he needs her.
What will happen when these two lovers fight for their sanity, and their lives?

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